The Cornell Club of Japan, established around 1918, is an alumni organization based in Tokyo that provides a variety of activities for Cornellians in Japan. The Club has over 350 active members, and welcomes graduates of Cornell and others who have been formally associated with Cornell (visiting professors, researchers, etc.).


The Club organizes a number of social events throughout the year to give members a chance to meet fellow alumni that were at Cornell at the same time, and to form new friendships with Cornellians from different generations. The Club holds four to five "core" events a year including a formal "shinnenkai" event in January, a local celebration of the world-wide Zinck's night, and a family-oriented summer barbecue.

Activities Supporting Cornell University

The Club supports the university by hosting visiting professors, university officials, and visiting student groups such as the glee club; by providing information about Cornell to prospective students in Japan; and fund raising.

Intellectual Enrichment

Through presentations by visiting Cornell professors and field trips keyed to the interests of graduates of the various schools at Cornell, the Club provides intellectually stimulating events.

Staying in Touch

The Club publishes a professionally-printed membership directory at regular intervals to help members stay in touch with each other.